I am not interested in actively doing it myself, hence is it better to go with iFast agent, Syfe, or Stashaway? These are just a few of the opportunities you'll have as a Computer Science student at NUS. NUS Computer Engineering graduates continue to command some of the best salaries of university graduates across different disciplines and universities. Should I upgrade my Aviva Mindef Group Term Insurance to 1M coverage? When taking a closer look, both institutions perform well in the indicators used to compile the rankings, with each university ranked in the top 300 for each one. How does it works? QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2021. Hi guys! Should I go for a degree in Computer Science at NTU or Business Administration at NUS? Computing 1 13 Computing Drive Singapore 117417 +65 6516 2727 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. NUS, NTU, and SMU graduates earn an average salary of S$3,917/month Details Written by Staff Writer ... with graduates from computer engineering and computer science courses recording full-time permanent employment of 90% or more amongst those in the labour force. Finally, when assessing the levels of international diversity on campus, NTU achieves 19th place for its high number of international faculty members, while NUS is 27th – still a highly respectable score. Graduates are equipped to work in the rapidly-developing fields of Financial Technology, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics, or postgraduate degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science related disciplines. In return, international students must agree to work for a Singaporean company for at least three years after graduating (or, if you studied medicine or dentistry, five or six years). NTU Class of 2020 may sign up for courses worth 12 Academic Units (AUs) from selected SSS courses for free, and they will have earned enough credits to qualify for a Graduate Certificate in Social Sciences (9 AUs). Block E4, Level 5, Room 42 4 Engineering Drive 3 Singapore 117583 National University of Singapore +65 6516 2109 © National University of Singapore. Hi, I have just graduated from poly unofficially with 3.7 CGPA. If you’re still unsure which one gets your vote in the NUS vs NTU debate, a look at the QS World University Rankings by Subject can help give a more detailed view. At graduate level at NTU, students with the Tuition Grant can pay as little as S$7,050 (~US$5,100) a year for a master’s degree. Computer Science (CS) Core: 36: Major Pr escribed Elective (Major PE) 6: Mathematical Sciences (MATH) and Computer Science (CS) Common Core: 20: Professional Internship (CZ3179) 10: Final Year Project (MH4900/CZ4079) Note: Students must … Undergraduate students who aren’t subsidized by the MOE Tuition Grant will pay S$31,780 - $36,650 (~US$23,000 – 26,500) per year for most courses. - 38,850 (~US$21,500 – 28,130) per year for most courses. What graduates from NTU, SMU, NUS, SIT, and SUTD are earning Details ... With a median gross monthly salary of S$5,000, those graduating with a degree in business and computer science continued to earn the most in 2017, followed by computer science graduates with S$3,850, and science (education) graduates with S$3,701. NUS is located in the south-west of the city on a 150 hectare campus adjacent to Kent Ridge, while NTU’s main campus, adjacent to the town of Jurong West in Singapore’s West Region, covers 200 hectares (490 acres) of land, making it the largest university campus in the city. At graduate level, scholarship options open to international students at NTU include the Nanyang President's Graduate Scholarship, which aims to encourage outstanding students to study a PhD at the university and provides tuition fees, a monthly living allowance and more. Basic Salary Of Graduates From National University of Singapore (NUS) Degree From NUS Median Salary; Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences: Bachelor of Arts: ... (Computer Science) $5,000: Bachelor of Computing (Electronic Commerce) N.A. Curriculum Structure; Curriculum Structure | Accelerated Bachelor Programme; Curriculum Structure | Exempted Polytechnic Students; Engineering Fundamentals 2 (EF2) Students from AY2020 intake onwards are required to take one course from the other five engineering schools (as core course) in Year 1 Sem 2 … I have to admit, it’s more of a lifestyle than an interest thing that triggered this off. In the new academic year starting in August, the intake for NUS’ undergraduate courses will be raised to about 900 places, a university spokesman said. From my perspective, I view NTU as the premier school for business and NUS for Arts and Social Science. NUS also more prestigious. I don't know what's my passion but I'm highly adaptable and can do either? See table below for the NTU subjects that were ranked in the top 10 in the world: Located in the western part of Singapore. For research impact (citations per faculty member) NTU is the clear leader, ranked 57th in the world whereas NUS is 128th. NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) (Computer Science) Students who attended NOC programme may: count TR3201 Entrepreneurship Practicum (8 MCs) towards CS3882 Breakthrough Ideas for Digital Markets (4 MCs) and one bridging module at 4 MCs. It noted that graduates from 12 courses in business, computer science, engineering, science and law achieved improvement in starting salaries. If not in receipt of an MOE Grant, international undergraduate students at NUS can expect to pay between S$29,650-38,850 (~US$21,500–28,130) per year for most courses with the exception of medicine, music and dentistry, with a medical degree costing S$146,750 (~US$106,360) per year. Again, medicine is the most expensive degree option, costing S$72,100 (~US$52,250) per year (subsidized – the non-subsidized amount is not applicable). Economics and Data Science Economics and Data Science NEW Single Degree 4 Bachelor of Science Mathematics at Senior High School Level and Physics/Chemistry/Biology at Senior High School Level ɸ Mathematics at Senior High School Level is only applicable to applicants who have not read Additional Mathematics at Junior High School Level. However, I have started to reconsider and the other course I’ve been thinking about is NTU Accountancy. Posts: 6 NUS or NTU Computer Science? NUS chemical engineering admission criteria was previously A, A, A while NTU chemical engineering admit students with B B B for A levels. Housing on campus is preferred by most students due to the relatively remote nature of the area. Developing cutting edge applications. She has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University and grew up in Staffordshire, UK. I have attained a Diploma in Business IT and is able to enter local university (in NTU Computer Science). Tuition fees at NUS and NTU vary depending on your subject, which fee classification you fall under (as either a Singaporean citizen, permanent resident or international student) and whether you’re in receipt of an MOE Tuition Grant. 1Likes. askCEG@nus.edu.sg . If there's another choice, I say f engineering totally. NUS. This scholarship will cover all your tuition fees as well as providing an annual living allowance, travel grant, computer allowance and more. Should I? Professor Miao Chun Yan Why School of Computer Science and Engineering? >.< Saying this as my friend has been sharing with me about her time at the exact same course. NTU has facilities and opportunities comparable to NUS and their computer science faculty is extremely strong. NTU's Material Science, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology and Energy & Fuels subjects were ranked 1st position globally. NUS Computing, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, NUS, Singapore Universities NTU has allocated 675 places for its 10 computing-related undergraduate programmes this academic year, up from 450 in 2015. Which will be the best or if different uni? Let us know in the comments below! I know quite a number of 7As/8As students who choose NTU over NUS when everything seems equal (e.g course that they like are offered in both unis) because of the scholarship. NUS further revealed that the mean gross monthly salary of fresh NUS graduates in full-time permanent employment was S$3,659 in 2017 - … NTU had 8 subjects ranked in Top 10, up from 5 subjects in 2019. Computer Engineering is an amalgamation of the CS and EE courses at NUS. NTU had 8 subjects ranked in Top 10, up from 5 subjects in 2019. Life as a Computer Science student. As a result, students from NUS would have covered more than a typical NTU … The government-subsidized annual cost would be US$18,200 (~US$13,200). NUS was the eighth best university in the world for engineering and technology and 13th-best for computer science. Want more content like this? Projects? © QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2021. Shivnita L, Arobi A & 38 others saved this. A computer science degree from a top university can help graduates land their dream job at companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook. -Inian Parameshwaran, NUS computer science, 2014 Before entering NTU, I was excited about being a student in a world-class university with a vibrant campus life. College of Science is a college of Nanyang Technological University, NTU Singapore 14. I have 25k to invest for a period of about 20 years or more. Additionally, business and computing (double degree) graduates are one of the highest-paid among their peers, with a median … NUS would be a good choice for a student that likes everything. Working with industry leaders in software, social media and gaming. NUS Computing, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, NUS, Singapore Universities At Nanyang Technological University (NTU), funding opportunities include bursaries, the Tuition Fee Loan, available for all full-time undergraduates, and the Work Study Scheme which allows you to work part-time on campus to supplement your finances. NUS Computer Engineering graduates continue to command some of the best salaries of university graduates across different disciplines and universities. NTU Computer Science. There is no data for the number of international students at each university, but both achieve fairly high scores for this indicator in the QS World University Rankings®, as mentioned above. Before joining NTU, he was an Assistant professor in Aalborg University, Denmark (2008-2009). CoE’s WSDegs comprise approximately 80 weeks of OJT integrated into the 4-year undergraduate curriculum. Its computer science and information systems courses came in at 14th best worldwide with a score of 82.9. Yes, they allow us to do so. CONG, Gao is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Register for free site membership to get regular updates and your own personal content feed. I'm looking for a career in IT. Please login or register to post comment above our articles. Located in south-west Singapore, adjacent to Kent Ridge. Using the QS World University Rankings, we took a look at the universities with the top computer science and information systems courses. See the full QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017, The Economist's Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2017, Compare more universities with the QS World University Rankings®, 10 of the Oldest Universities in the World, International Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries, International Scholarships to Study in the US. College of Science is a college of Nanyang Technological University, NTU Singapore Students who are in receipt of the MOE Grant can pay as little as S$17,450 (~US$12,650) per year for some subjects. If you want to study in Singapore, two universities in particular are bound to be at the top of your list. It’s also ideal for students who wish to immerse themselves in a very diverse study destination, with a fascinating blend of Eastern and Western cultures to explore. For example, NUS' CS2100 Computer Organisation is essentially NTU's CZ1005 Digital Logic + CZ1006 Computer Organisation and Architecture. Computer Engineering. I am studying computer science, so most of the courses I will take will be in that field. Hey, I am doing Computer Science at NTU! In the 2017 edition, NUS is ahead of NTU for four out of the five broad subject areas covered. National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are both consistently ranked among the global top 15 in the QS World University Rankings®, and are typically extremely close together in the table.

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